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Do you already have a shopping list for the holidays?  If none, well you better start writing down those important stuff you want to buy for Christmas.  You know the stores are having huge sale right now.  Everybody is looking for good deals here and there.  Some stocks for the items you need might not in display so you should begin your Christmas shopping.

There are shoppers, like me, who like to go to the stores or to the mall during the weekends…preferably on Saturdays or Sundays.  I find it more enjoyable shopping on those days because I see more people and the stores are crowded a bit. Sometimes discount sale and promotions end on a Saturday that is why more people rush to the stores.

My plan is to shop for gifts during the weekends so that my honey and I can go around town for other weekend activity.  Honestly I am still figuring out what stuff I will buy for my honey’s niece and nephews.  I want the gifts to be of quality but not expensive.  Anyway, I will let you all know soon after I get these things done.

Happy holidays in advance and I hope you will enjoy shopping for gifts!


I do not think my family back home will have to spend much on gifts on the holidays.  They informed me that the Balikbayan box full of goodies and gifts has arrived last Sunday.  That is great.  My honey and I were so eager to hear the excitement over the phone.  My family was very happy with the early gifts they received.  Some are clothing, shoes, and personal stuff.  My mother said that their Christmas tree has plenty of gifts under it.
My younger sisters almost have not find the words to express their happiness when they got the jewelry we bought from, the leading jewelry shop online.  We sent a gold ring with seven heart-shaped diamonds for my sister next to me and a pair of earrings with bella luce diamonds for my youngest sister.  My sisters liked their presents so much!  And the children got clothes, toys, and many chocolates. I bet the chocolates will not last another day.

One month ago we shipped a Balikbayan box full of gifts and stuff to my family in the Philippines.  We filled the box with clothing, shoes, toys, chocolates, body essentials (lotion, cologne, perfume), and other dry goods.  We did not spend much on those stuff because my husband and I found great buys at the stores.  Some of the shirts and blouses we bought from Academy had a price ranging from $1.99 to $4.99.  My husband said that Academy offers great deals on clothing and sporting goods.  I am so glad we got the shirts and blouses for a very affordable price.  My family will surely like them.  I cannot wait for the Balikbayan box to arrive home.


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