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I do not think my family back home will have to spend much on gifts on the holidays.  They informed me that the Balikbayan box full of goodies and gifts has arrived last Sunday.  That is great.  My honey and I were so eager to hear the excitement over the phone.  My family was very happy with the early gifts they received.  Some are clothing, shoes, and personal stuff.  My mother said that their Christmas tree has plenty of gifts under it.
My younger sisters almost have not find the words to express their happiness when they got the jewelry we bought from, the leading jewelry shop online.  We sent a gold ring with seven heart-shaped diamonds for my sister next to me and a pair of earrings with bella luce diamonds for my youngest sister.  My sisters liked their presents so much!  And the children got clothes, toys, and many chocolates. I bet the chocolates will not last another day.



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