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Yesterday was another driving day. We went to Plano to run errands. After a big lunch in Papasito’s, a Mexican restaurant, we did some mall hopping. We chilled at Collin Creek Mall for a while and bought a couple of karaoke CDs. We stopped by Academy and got ourselves a few nice shirts ($ 4.88 an item). My honey got a new pair of Wrangler jeans for $24.99. Fry’s Electronics was the last store we have sneaked in. We bought a software for video editing, which has been planned two months ago.

All the tasks were accomplished yesterday. We are proud of ourselves!


Mine is just simple. Whenever I think of buying some things, I go to the stores and look if they are on sale. If not, I just find something else that fits to my budget. Often times I end up buying more than I want (chuckles).

My habit is to go to the mall or go to the stores I constantly visit…like Old Navy for example. I went there yesterday. While doing some window shopping, I saw this piece of lingerie. It is pretty and perfectly in my size. The price is only $.99 and I bought it. What a deal! 🙂

…to give as gifts to someone.  You see I have items such as accessories, clothing, and others NEW/SECOND HAND for sale.  And I want to sell them in a VERY low price with *FREE Shipping.  I will post photos and specs soon. For interested parties, please do not hesitate to contact me here:  mgmarly (at) gmail (dot) com.

*For Locations within the USA.

Now that I am working on a retail store, I learned a few things on my shopping lifestyle. It has been a habit to go to the mall or stores to buy stuff on sale. What I learned is that, shoppers should be aware of extra discounts on merchandise with markdown prices. This time of the year, huge sale on fall and winter items are on, because stores are getting ready to display items for the spring and summer. Also, stocks from housewares, furniture, and cosmetics are in huge discounts. I bought a lot of things not only for myself but for everybody in the family too.

So if you have the funds or savings to shop this time of year (for gifts or for future use), go to your favorite stores today and enjoy shopping!

You know I get so excited when occasion like this comes. Holiday preparation is in my priority list.  The Christmas tree is up and the shopping list is ready. Do you know who is on the top of my shopping list? Me!!!  Yes, I shop stuff for mostly for myself.  Why not?  I have the money to spend.  I saw lovely items in stores online and at the mall.  I do not buy something expensive because to me it is just a waste of money.  I am a budget conscious person so I make it sure everything I buy is very affordable as well as of good quality.

So I bought undergarments from Victoria’s Secret and Old Navy.  Then there was a pretty sweater I got from Dillard’s.  I saw a cute leggings from a store at Ridgmar mall which the purple color is appropriate for the purple Kathy handbag I bought from TJMax.  It is not obvious that I love mall hopping, is it? ^_^

Do you already have a shopping list for the holidays?  If none, well you better start writing down those important stuff you want to buy for Christmas.  You know the stores are having huge sale right now.  Everybody is looking for good deals here and there.  Some stocks for the items you need might not in display so you should begin your Christmas shopping.

There are shoppers, like me, who like to go to the stores or to the mall during the weekends…preferably on Saturdays or Sundays.  I find it more enjoyable shopping on those days because I see more people and the stores are crowded a bit. Sometimes discount sale and promotions end on a Saturday that is why more people rush to the stores.

My plan is to shop for gifts during the weekends so that my honey and I can go around town for other weekend activity.  Honestly I am still figuring out what stuff I will buy for my honey’s niece and nephews.  I want the gifts to be of quality but not expensive.  Anyway, I will let you all know soon after I get these things done.

Happy holidays in advance and I hope you will enjoy shopping for gifts!

I do not think my family back home will have to spend much on gifts on the holidays.  They informed me that the Balikbayan box full of goodies and gifts has arrived last Sunday.  That is great.  My honey and I were so eager to hear the excitement over the phone.  My family was very happy with the early gifts they received.  Some are clothing, shoes, and personal stuff.  My mother said that their Christmas tree has plenty of gifts under it.
My younger sisters almost have not find the words to express their happiness when they got the jewelry we bought from, the leading jewelry shop online.  We sent a gold ring with seven heart-shaped diamonds for my sister next to me and a pair of earrings with bella luce diamonds for my youngest sister.  My sisters liked their presents so much!  And the children got clothes, toys, and many chocolates. I bet the chocolates will not last another day.


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