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Yesterday was another driving day. We went to Plano to run errands. After a big lunch in Papasito’s, a Mexican restaurant, we did some mall hopping. We chilled at Collin Creek Mall for a while and bought a couple of karaoke CDs. We stopped by Academy and got ourselves a few nice shirts ($ 4.88 an item). My honey got a new pair of Wrangler jeans for $24.99. Fry’s Electronics was the last store we have sneaked in. We bought a software for video editing, which has been planned two months ago.

All the tasks were accomplished yesterday. We are proud of ourselves!


What I want to give to my cousin today is a night gown. She and her fiance has been wedded on February. We were not able to come over because it was a “hurry”. She has to do it quick before her 90 days stay (here in the USA) validity expires.

I bought this night gown at Dillard’s department store. It is a dolly gown made with Satin fabric. It feels good on the skin especially on the Summer. My cousin will surely like it.

You might wondering where is the picture. Well, the connection from my camera cable and computer is messing up so I will try uploading later today.

We women are fond of buying clothes for our wardrobe collection. Regardless of season, we shop at any store to find great values on clothing, accessories, handbag, and shoes. Men shop very often but when they do, they spend money big time on the stuff they really like.

Now, do you update your wardrobe collection? I do. In a month, I buy something essential to add in my collection of clothing in the closet. But it has been a habit to me since I started earning money. But I am a wise spender too. If I do not need it, I am not buying it.

How about you?

You know I get so excited when occasion like this comes. Holiday preparation is in my priority list.  The Christmas tree is up and the shopping list is ready. Do you know who is on the top of my shopping list? Me!!!  Yes, I shop stuff for mostly for myself.  Why not?  I have the money to spend.  I saw lovely items in stores online and at the mall.  I do not buy something expensive because to me it is just a waste of money.  I am a budget conscious person so I make it sure everything I buy is very affordable as well as of good quality.

So I bought undergarments from Victoria’s Secret and Old Navy.  Then there was a pretty sweater I got from Dillard’s.  I saw a cute leggings from a store at Ridgmar mall which the purple color is appropriate for the purple Kathy handbag I bought from TJMax.  It is not obvious that I love mall hopping, is it? ^_^

One month ago we shipped a Balikbayan box full of gifts and stuff to my family in the Philippines.  We filled the box with clothing, shoes, toys, chocolates, body essentials (lotion, cologne, perfume), and other dry goods.  We did not spend much on those stuff because my husband and I found great buys at the stores.  Some of the shirts and blouses we bought from Academy had a price ranging from $1.99 to $4.99.  My husband said that Academy offers great deals on clothing and sporting goods.  I am so glad we got the shirts and blouses for a very affordable price.  My family will surely like them.  I cannot wait for the Balikbayan box to arrive home.


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