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Do You Update Your Wardrobe Collection?

Posted on: March 27, 2009

We women are fond of buying clothes for our wardrobe collection. Regardless of season, we shop at any store to find great values on clothing, accessories, handbag, and shoes. Men shop very often but when they do, they spend money big time on the stuff they really like.

Now, do you update your wardrobe collection? I do. In a month, I buy something essential to add in my collection of clothing in the closet. But it has been a habit to me since I started earning money. But I am a wise spender too. If I do not need it, I am not buying it.

How about you?


8 Responses to "Do You Update Your Wardrobe Collection?"

Was here visiting back today

Not really, as long as I can wear something, I don’t tend to buy a new one, he he.

we need to be saving money, unnecessary soendng is uncalled for at this times. . .

Have a wonderful friday..Was here for a visit

yes i do toooo…well, when i have money to spent of course..hehe

Blogwalking was here my friend…you have nice post…I really enjoy it here…have a great time 😉

I will buy a new clothes once a month but its only i found one that i really likes 🙂

Sometimes it depends on my mood and if there’s a new trend worth buying.

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