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What Is Your Shopping Style?

Posted on: February 24, 2009

Mine is just simple. Whenever I think of buying some things, I go to the stores and look if they are on sale. If not, I just find something else that fits to my budget. Often times I end up buying more than I want (chuckles).

My habit is to go to the mall or go to the stores I constantly visit…like Old Navy for example. I went there yesterday. While doing some window shopping, I saw this piece of lingerie. It is pretty and perfectly in my size. The price is only $.99 and I bought it. What a deal! 🙂


7 Responses to "What Is Your Shopping Style?"

impulsive buying breaks a budget but who cares?????

Don’t Shop too much ! It wasted time and money

@ j deru
I am not shopping too much. I just like to buy stuff for myself in good deals.

@ mel
you are right..i do not care either. as long as i know my shopping limitation, i am fine.

went to old navy the other day where i bought new jeans and pants…aw kay broke mn pag gawas, lol..

adto lng ka sa imo settings sa imo dashboard dai then click upgrades…pwed mn ka palit ug domain sa wp mismo tg 15 mn guro to..kng dli magkadima-o ask lng ka sa ila support ky nice mn na sila accommodating kaayo

I do like shopping a lot..that´s why I don´t go to mall or shop if I don´t have budget for shopping because I feel sorry if I see something interesting!

bisita pud ko diri diha..

have a great week!!

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