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Holiday Update: Shopping For Myself Part 1

Posted on: December 27, 2008

You know I get so excited when occasion like this comes. Holiday preparation is in my priority list.  The Christmas tree is up and the shopping list is ready. Do you know who is on the top of my shopping list? Me!!!  Yes, I shop stuff for mostly for myself.  Why not?  I have the money to spend.  I saw lovely items in stores online and at the mall.  I do not buy something expensive because to me it is just a waste of money.  I am a budget conscious person so I make it sure everything I buy is very affordable as well as of good quality.

So I bought undergarments from Victoria’s Secret and Old Navy.  Then there was a pretty sweater I got from Dillard’s.  I saw a cute leggings from a store at Ridgmar mall which the purple color is appropriate for the purple Kathy handbag I bought from TJMax.  It is not obvious that I love mall hopping, is it? ^_^


10 Responses to "Holiday Update: Shopping For Myself Part 1"

I confess Im a brandish too… but its worth it =)

SMILE coz its 2009! Happy New Year from and 🙂

added this one in my blog roll!

thanks sa greetings dai…ako ni gi-add dri na blog…i-add pud ako link ha? tc

added ur link in this blog too 🙂

hello im like that, too when i have money. Its like the money is shouting at me to spend it, and i do so.

i was here. i love victoerias secrets products, too

dropped by to say hi

thanks for visiting!

nice blog and nice post 😀

i was here today ona sunday . .

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