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Buying Gifts For The Holidays During The Weekends

Posted on: December 13, 2008

Do you already have a shopping list for the holidays?  If none, well you better start writing down those important stuff you want to buy for Christmas.  You know the stores are having huge sale right now.  Everybody is looking for good deals here and there.  Some stocks for the items you need might not in display so you should begin your Christmas shopping.

There are shoppers, like me, who like to go to the stores or to the mall during the weekends…preferably on Saturdays or Sundays.  I find it more enjoyable shopping on those days because I see more people and the stores are crowded a bit. Sometimes discount sale and promotions end on a Saturday that is why more people rush to the stores.

My plan is to shop for gifts during the weekends so that my honey and I can go around town for other weekend activity.  Honestly I am still figuring out what stuff I will buy for my honey’s niece and nephews.  I want the gifts to be of quality but not expensive.  Anyway, I will let you all know soon after I get these things done.

Happy holidays in advance and I hope you will enjoy shopping for gifts!


7 Responses to "Buying Gifts For The Holidays During The Weekends"

Several days are hard for me..
My connection was too slow, so I can’t open wordpress correctly (just wordpress, blogspot was normal)..

Btw, merry christmas and happy new year !

sure we can xlinks! i already added you to my blogroll under the title “who likes to buy this?”

thanks in advance and keep in touch ^^

i still dont buy my gifts for my goddaughters

hey, you should go to the mall now and buy them some gifts 🙂

merry christmas dai…

merry christmas to you too porayz…

thanks for constant visit friend

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