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Shirts And Blouses From Academy

Posted on: November 18, 2008

One month ago we shipped a Balikbayan box full of gifts and stuff to my family in the Philippines.  We filled the box with clothing, shoes, toys, chocolates, body essentials (lotion, cologne, perfume), and other dry goods.  We did not spend much on those stuff because my husband and I found great buys at the stores.  Some of the shirts and blouses we bought from Academy had a price ranging from $1.99 to $4.99.  My husband said that Academy offers great deals on clothing and sporting goods.  I am so glad we got the shirts and blouses for a very affordable price.  My family will surely like them.  I cannot wait for the Balikbayan box to arrive home.


11 Responses to "Shirts And Blouses From Academy"

I hope the package will arrive in the Phils in good hands… kabalo naka… masangit sa customs….

oi, thats nice to hear nga naabot na gyud ang package, im sure lipay kaau ang imong pamilya ato 🙂

Oh yes they are! Excited and happy for the early Christmas presents 🙂

Nagkaguliyang gud. hehehe.

waw. early christmas gifts. where’s mine here.. ahihi kidding. 🙂 well.. i know they will happy receiving it..its the thoughts that counts

hi, goji has been around for quite some time now. And it’s marketed in the Philippines through multi-level-marketing. thanks for visiting.

i also have family in the States. But i’m not sure if they will be sending balikbayan box this year =)

wow nice, package, i like it!:)

Hi Marly, so thoughtful of you. I’m sure your family here in the Philippines will love your presents.

Hello friend! thank you. Have a Happy day.

Jorge Cruz

ur so nice…sis may i know how much it cost to send balikbayan box and how long it will takes.. kc i never experience it and i want to try also.. but i dont where can i find kababayan box,..thanks

@ jacky

about sa balikbayan box…PNB Rapid hatid ang kinuha naming service since sa PNB rin kami nagpapadala ng money remittance sa Phils. if you want to try sending package to your family, try to look for the nearest shipping provider near LBC, or PNB…san kang State?

about sa shipping info, our balikbayan box took 40-45 days and delivery and we paid $145.00 for the regular box..marami nang mailalagay dun sa box, basta wag lang bulky tingnan.

Hope this helps.

@ cherry, badet, honie, stevevhan, jorge
I appreciate the comments…
sure does. my family is very happy with the gifts 🙂

Those are great buys Marly!!!

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