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You know, I was away for a little while because I had to do some work with regards to getting things done with my updates.   There are lots of plans needed to be accomplished.  I hope this works *grins*.

Good news! Rosewoman already sent me my winning of $50 for the April Giveaway contest on her blog. It is pretty awesome because I can do my shopping at her Powermall website. Great. I chose because it is one of my favorite clothing stores.  There are plenty of clearance items to choose from.  I am excited to shop now. 🙂

Watch out for Rosewoman’s May and June giveaway contest. She is working on it now.

Yes, the $50 gift card! I won it! When I checked emails just now an email from Heidrun of Rosewoman was in my inbox.

It said, “CONGRATULATIONS! You made it – you won the 50$ gift card.”

I am very excited. ‘Cannot believe it. I made it and won the April Giveaway at the SUMMER Group. I am going to shop at’s store of my choice. Yey!

Oh by the way, Rosewoman will again host a giveaway this May. Watch out and join.

Joining a contest is pretty much exciting. That is why I am joining Rosewoman’s April Give Away today. Her give away requirements are very simple and easy to follow. You may check them here and start working on it now. Do not forget to visit her Summer Group for it is the main requirement.

A $50.00 Gift Certificate will be awarded to the lucky winner. Isn’t it wonderful?

Yesterday was another driving day. We went to Plano to run errands. After a big lunch in Papasito’s, a Mexican restaurant, we did some mall hopping. We chilled at Collin Creek Mall for a while and bought a couple of karaoke CDs. We stopped by Academy and got ourselves a few nice shirts ($ 4.88 an item). My honey got a new pair of Wrangler jeans for $24.99. Fry’s Electronics was the last store we have sneaked in. We bought a software for video editing, which has been planned two months ago.

All the tasks were accomplished yesterday. We are proud of ourselves!

What I want to give to my cousin today is a night gown. She and her fiance has been wedded on February. We were not able to come over because it was a “hurry”. She has to do it quick before her 90 days stay (here in the USA) validity expires.

I bought this night gown at Dillard’s department store. It is a dolly gown made with Satin fabric. It feels good on the skin especially on the Summer. My cousin will surely like it.

You might wondering where is the picture. Well, the connection from my camera cable and computer is messing up so I will try uploading later today.

We women are fond of buying clothes for our wardrobe collection. Regardless of season, we shop at any store to find great values on clothing, accessories, handbag, and shoes. Men shop very often but when they do, they spend money big time on the stuff they really like.

Now, do you update your wardrobe collection? I do. In a month, I buy something essential to add in my collection of clothing in the closet. But it has been a habit to me since I started earning money. But I am a wise spender too. If I do not need it, I am not buying it.

How about you?


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