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You know, I was away for a little while because I had to do some work with regards to getting things done with my updates.   There are lots of plans needed to be accomplished.  I hope this works *grins*.

Good news! Rosewoman already sent me my winning of $50 for the April Giveaway contest on her blog. It is pretty awesome because I can do my shopping at her Powermall website. Great. I chose because it is one of my favorite clothing stores.  There are plenty of clearance items to choose from.  I am excited to shop now. 🙂

Watch out for Rosewoman’s May and June giveaway contest. She is working on it now.

Yes, the $50 gift card! I won it! When I checked emails just now an email from Heidrun of Rosewoman was in my inbox.

It said, “CONGRATULATIONS! You made it – you won the 50$ gift card.”

I am very excited. ‘Cannot believe it. I made it and won the April Giveaway at the SUMMER Group. I am going to shop at’s store of my choice. Yey!

Oh by the way, Rosewoman will again host a giveaway this May. Watch out and join.


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